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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Buy and Sell Stock without Paying any Commission!

Interested in buying and selling stock for free well keep reading to find out how!  

There are a lot people who want to get into the stock market, but can't because most trading platforms have a ton of fees and require a great amount of money to setup an account with them. By that time you're half way spent your paycheck and don't have enough to buy stocks. Commission fees and account setup fees (Deposit funds to open account), not anymore with the new trading platform Robinhood. Robinhood is a mobile stock trading platform that allows users to deposit their own amount into their account. All users have to do is download the app on Itunes or Google Play. From there users will be prompt to open account for free, and the good news is you get to deposit any amount into your account. If you are still not convince then buy some stock using this platform and see for yourself.  The only price you pay is the price or the cost per share and that's all. 

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